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April 24, 2013

Oregon Senate approves driver's card bill

On Tuesday morning, the Oregon Senate approved Senate Bill 833, the driver's card bill, on a 20-7 vote. The legislation will allow undocumented residents and others without proof of legal residency to obtain driver privileges in the form of a four-year driver's card, provided they can prove their identity and pass the requisite tests. Only brief testimony was heard prior to the vote.

"We're talking about a card, a card which is proof that someone knows the driving laws of the state and has demonstrated the ability to drive," Sen. Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) said. "And perhaps more importantly, it ensures they have insurance. The bill that was passed previously didn't really take anybody off the road; it just put more uninsured drivers on the road." The OAN has made the bill its top legislative priority this session, and is joined in support by numerous other organizations and individuals representing business, labor, cultural groups, law enforcement and the faith community. The bill is expected to have its House vote on Monday. Members are urged to write their representatives in support of the bill. If it passes, it awaits the governor's signature.

David Snodgrass receives PLANET's Lifetime Leadership Award

David Snodgrass, the owner of Dennis' 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers, has received a Lifetime Leadership Award from PLANET, the national trade association representing more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals. The award is presented annually to an association member "who has demonstrated leadership, service, and commitment to both PLANET and the green industry," a PLANET press release stated. "It honors individuals who have improved the green industry and inspired others throughout their careers with their pioneering spirit and demonstrated inventiveness." [Read more]

Reserve your seat for annual Pioneer Dinner on May 21

On Tuesday, May 21, the annual Pioneer Dinner will honor OAN's nursery pioneers — members who are over the age of 60 with 20-plus years in the nursery industry. The event will take place at the Persimmon Country Club (500 S.E. Butler Road, Gresham, Ore.). The cost is $25 — free for pioneers — and includes a salmon or prime rib dinner served at 6:30 p.m. RSVP by May 13 to rhonda@gulicklogistics.com or 360-772-3082, or register and pay online at www.oan.org.

Beat the blight! Phytophthora ramorum Grower Tips

Welcome to a new feature in the Member Update: P. ramorum (aka Sudden Oak Death) Grower Tips. Plant pathologists from OSU, WSU, Ascent Agricultural Services and USDA-ARS will be offering tips to help you stay free of P. ramorum. Watch for more each week.

Tip #3. Rhododendron cultivars commonly infected by P. ramorum Rhododendrons account for most of the infected plants associated with Phytophthora ramorum positive nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Rhododendron species and cultivars vary in their susceptibility to foliar infection by P. ramorum and thus pose different risk in spreading this disease. In a screening study, very susceptible species and cultivars were mostly in the subgenus Hymenanthes. Resistant species and cultivars included R. keiskei, R. arboreum, R. mallotum, R. 'Ken Janeck' and R. 'Purple Gem'. A list of cultivars may be found here. For more information about rhododendrons and P. ramorum, click here. [View more tips]

Only a few days left to donate to the annual Plant Sale

The annual Willamette Chapter Plant Sale will take place at the Oregon Ag Fest on April 27–28, 2013. Your generous donation of plant materials helps raise money for the chapter's educational fund. Blooming plants are the best, although all plants are needed and welcome. Please label all plants, and include an invoice with your donation. Deliver plants by this Friday, April 26, to either Alpha Nursery in Salem, Ore., or Brentano's Tree Farm in St. Paul, Ore. To make a donation or volunteer, download this form. For more information, contact Val Tancredi at 503-585-5550 or valt@stettlersupply.com.

Arbor Day Plant Something™ video

With Arbor Day right around the corner — Friday, April 26th to be exact — now is a great time to encourage tree sales. Put the word out on social media and your website by posting a link to this 30-second animation, which shows a young couple planting their first tree.

A reminder: As a member of the Plant Something initiative, the OAN has access to videos such as this one and other artwork promoting the benefits of plants. Click here then scroll down to the Plant Something campaign information. You'll need your member ID and password to access artwork for videos, buttons, posters and more. If you have questions, contact Ann Murphy at 503-582-2011 or at amurphy@oan.org.

Nursery Guide Tip: Renew your Nursery Guide listings online

Welcome to a new feature in the Member Update: Nursery Guide Tips. These help you get the most out of the new Online Nursery Guide. Watch for more each week.

Thousands of buyers use Nursery Guide and visit NurseryGuide.com to locate suppliers. This year, submitting your listings is online and easier than ever. Just log in to www.NurseryGuide.com and click on the My Listings link at the top of the page. Click Edit to make changes to your listings.

If you want to keep the same listings as last year, simply pay for them and they will carry forward automatically through May 1, 2014. You can pay for your listings online, too; look for the About the OAN tab and click on Get in the Guide. If you haven't logged on to NurseryGuide.com, have forgotten your password or have questions about the process, call the OAN office (503-682-5089 or 1-800-342-6401). [View more Nursery Guide tips]

Safety Tip: Be cautious of toxic contaminants

Many toxic substances — including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide — can't be seen or smelled. Employees who work in confined spaces should take a moment to review this info sheet (PDF), which serves as an important reminder to always be aware of these life-threatening hazardous materials. This information is presented to you courtesy of SAIF, Oregon OSHA and the OAN Safety and Insurance Committee.

Three ways to make yourself known with OAN marketing opportunities - DEADLINES ARE FAST APPROACHING!

#1. Nursery Guide and NurseryGuide.com
The OAN Nursery Guide — in print and online — is the best available resource for buyers trying to find plants, nursery supplies and related services. This indispensable book is distributed to 6,500 industry professionals by mail, at the Farwest Trade Show, and at the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (MANTS). NurseryGuide.com has online display advertising spaces available in key, highly visible locations that link to your website. Put your company and your brand directly in front of buyers 24/7. Click the following links to advertise in the print version and online. The deadline for display ads is May 1.

#2. Digger: Farwest Edition
The August edition of Digger Magazine is a triple-sized issue which also serves as the official publication of the Farwest Trade Show. It contains all the content to make your show experience a success. Reach potential buyers before, during and after the show. Regular Digger subscribers will get your message — along with Farwest Trade Show attendees — for a total distribution of 12,000 copies. Click here to reserve your space by May 15. (Ad materials are due by June 3.)

#3. Farwest Trade Show Sponsorship
The Farwest Trade Show is the premier nursery industry trade show. Farwest sponsorships are designed to increase awareness, visibility and brand enhancement of your products and services. Sponsorship packages can be creatively customized to deliver relevant interaction with targeted professionals that build strong, lasting business partnerships. Contact Chris Sweet at csweet@oan.org to design a sponsorship package to fit into your existing marketing and communications programs.

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