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What's New - ONPAC endorsements
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Dear OAN Member:

Over the past several years, the Oregon Nurseries’ Political Action Committee (ONPAC) has taken the view that candidates should be endorsed based on issues, rather than partisanship. Recently, ONPAC conducted an endorsement process for the 2008 General Election. Committee members focused on several key issues affecting the nursery and greenhouse industry, which included the following:

  • Workforce issues, such as immigration and card check;
  • Water issues such as supply, conservation, efficiency and water rights;
  • Environmental issues, such as pesticide use, climate change and sustainability;
  • Transportation and infrastructure issues; and
  • The general business atmosphere of the state.

All candidates seeking an endorsement were asked to provide a letter to ONPAC explaining why they should be supported by the nursery and greenhouse industry. If the race was targeted by ONPAC, candidates were asked to interview in person.

ONPAC serves a critical role in shaping the association’s political agenda by supporting candidates that best serve the entire nursery and greenhouse membership. Endorsed candidates are listed below. It is our hope is that this will prove as a resource for your decisions on important races. If you do not know what house or senate district you reside in, please go to

It is vital that everyone votes in the election and you are encouraged to get out and vote, even if you disagree with ONPAC’s endorsements. Ballots are going out beginning on or around October 17. They must be in election officials’ hands by November 4. Postmarks do not count.

US Congress: No endorsements

Statewide Races:
Secretary of State & Treasurer: No endorsement

State Legislature races
Italics denotes personal interview conducted

State Senate (7 R, 5 D)
SD-1 Jeff Kruse
SD-2 Jason Atkinson
SD-5 Joanne Verger
SD-9 Fred Girod
SD-17 Suzanne Bonamici
SD-18 Ginny Burdick
SD-23 Jackie Dingfelder
SD-25 Laurie Monnes Anderson
SD-27 Chris Telfer
SD-28 Doug Whitsett
SD-29 Dave Nelson
SD-30 Ted Ferrioli

State House (20 R, 19 D)
HD-1 Wayne Krieger
HD-2 Tim Freeman
HD-3 Ron Maurer
HD-5 Peter Buckley
HD-7 Bruce Hanna
HD-9 Arnie Roblan
HD-11 Phil Barnhart
HD-12 Terry Beyer
HD-13 Nancy Nathanson
HD-14 Chris Edwards
HD-15 Andy Olson
HD-17 Co-endorsement: Sherrie Sprenger, Dan Thackaberry
HD-18 Jim Gilbert
HD-19 Kevin Cameron
HD-20 Vicki Berger
HD-21 Brian Clem
HD-23 Jim Thompson
HD-24 Jim Weidner
HD-26 Co-endorsement: Matt Wingard, Jessica Adamson
HD-27 Tobias Read
HD-28 Jeff Barker
HD-30 Andy Duyck
HD-31 Brad Witt
HD-32 Debbie Boone
HD-36 Mary Nolan
HD-37 Scott Bruun
HD-39 Co-endorsement: Bill Kennemer, Toby Forsberg
HD-40 Dave Hunt
HD-48 Mike Schaufler
HD-51 Brent Barton
HD-53 Gene Whisnant
HD-54 Chuck Burley
HD-56 Bill Garrard
HD-58 Bob Jenson
HD-59 John Huffman
HD-60 Cliff Bentz

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jeff Stone at 503-682-5089 or



Dick Joyce
Joyce Farms
ONPAC chair

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