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OAN engaged in legislative search for revenue sources

Monday, March 25, 2019   (0 Comments)
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The Democratic supermajority in the Oregon Legislature is searching for possible revenue sources to support funding increases for education and other programs, and has engaged the business community in its search. While no firm proposal has yet surfaced, various concepts have been batted around by key legislators, including a business activities tax as well as a gross receipts tax (which was considered, passed and then overturned by voters a few cycles ago).

The OAN has stayed engaged with these discussions, ever mindful that some funding concepts may affect nurseries differently than other types of businesses.

“Many Oregon nurseries are high volume, low margin businesses, and so are many businesses in the broader realm of agriculture,” OAN Executive Director Jeff Stone said. “We prefer not to have any increase at all, but with the lay of the land, that seems less than assured. Approaches that tax activity rather than profit could disproportionately impact our family owned businesses that contribute positively to the economy as well as the environment. We are duly skeptical of such concepts. We plan to provide reasoned input so legislators understand the impacts and can hopefully adjust accordingly.”