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ICE announces 3,000 employer audit notices and 935 arrests

Monday, July 29, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Beth Farmer
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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials announced on Tuesday they have given notice to 3,000 employers that agents will be auditing their worker eligibility records, the Washington Post reported

The agency also announced 935 recent arrests as part of enforcement actions targeted at individuals. Although the arrests tend to be more publicized, the possibility of employer audits is of greater concern to nurseries.

“ICE and the federal government have stepped up the threat of auditing employee eligibility records and the Social Security Administration has resumed sending no-match letters to employers,” OAN Executive Director Jeff Stone said. “We want to make sure businesses are aware of this possibility and prepared for it. There are a number of ways they can respond in the event of an attempted enforcement action, but not one single best way. Together with OAN's legal counsel, Jordan Ramis PC, we have developed guidance to help members understand their options, which will be shared shortly.”

Members are urged to watch their emails for information this week. The no-match letters were begun under the George W. Bush administration and continued for a time under President Obama, but then ceased until resumed earlier this year.

According to the agency, the arrests included 18 family members targeted as part of a recent ICE enforcement action, well publicized ahead of time by the administration itself, called Operation Border Resolve. The operation also took in 17 other undocumented immigrants who were not targets and are considered collateral arrests. Some 900 other adults, mostly convicted criminals, also were arrested. These numbers fall short of the millions President Trump threatened to detain.

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