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Group opposing driver's license bill files second petition

Wednesday, October 30, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Beth Farmer
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A second petition has been filed against House Bill 2015, which will take effect in 2021 and allow Oregon residents to obtain a driver’s license without proof of citizenship.

Just last week, Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno ruled a first attempt at such a petition unconstitutional. She noted that the bill was not subject to referendum, but must be addressed by an initiative. That requires spelling out the specific language in the law to be changed.

“The referendum process is governed by Article IV, Section 1(3), which allows repeal of a law adopted by the legislature so long as the law does not become effective earlier than the 90th day following adjournment,” Clarno stated in a release. “Thus, bills containing an emergency clause, as did HB 2015, must be addressed by an initiative petition that sets out the specific language of the proposed amendment.”

The OAN supported passage of House Bill 2015 as its main legislative priority in the 2019 session, and will oppose attempts to repeal it.

“Immigration is a federal matter, but highways are a state matter,” OAN Executive Director Jeff Stone said. “Our highways are much safer when all drivers can be tested, licensed and insured. Our driver’s license bill allows that to happen. Impeding that solution will not fix our broken immigration system, nor make our roads safer.”