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2012 Digger Archives
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Digger Archives

Digger Feature Archive

Below are feature articles from 2012 issues of Digger listed by month, title, author and subject. For articles from 2015 or later, please check

A complete collection of Digger issues dating back to 1956 is available in the library at the OAN offices in Wilsonville, Ore. Back issues of Digger may be requested from the OAN Publications Department (subject to availability.)

2012 Archives
Issue Title Author Summary
December 2012
Young Guns Curt Kipp Oregon's young nursery leaders chart a course for the future of the industry
Riots of red Elizabeth Petersen Whether it shows up in berries, branches, blooms or foliage, red makes a gorgeous accent color in gardens
Something new in the mix Jim Owen, Heather Stoven and James Altland Researchers evaluate alternative substrates for ornamental crop production in the Pacific Northwest
Time to get to work Jeff Stone Director's Desk
November 2012
The art of transition Curt Kipp ANLA president Bob Terry helps guide the process of joining forces with OFA
Spectacular species Rhododendrons Elizabeth Petersen These selections offer many fine characteristics, including various leaf shapes, colors, fragrances, growth habits and more
Taking aim at pests Robin Rosetta, Heping Zhu, Sam Doane and Derek Wells Initial studies show that intelligent sprayers can reduce chemical use without sacrificing control
Where will this gateway lead? Jeff Stone Director's Desk
October 2012
Ready to grow   Nurseries report greater optimism and signs of stronger markets at the 2012 Farwest Show
Far from anonymous Elizabeth Petersen Evergreen and deciduous Euonymus plants are popular workhorses in the garden
Nurseries increase rail ties Miles McCoy Fuel cost savings and technological improvements make rail a more attractive option for freight
Helping plants survive the cold Richard Regan The best plant protection strategies take into account the distinct stages of winter dormancy
Raise your voice and vote Jeff Stone Director's Desk
September 2012
Protecting your investment John Schmitz Growers use a variety of techniques to protect their plant material against cold snaps and hot spells
A passion for peonies Elizabeth Petersen These flowering beauties offer greater performance and variety than ever before
A Lean fighting machine Rick Pay The elements that make Lean a powerful competitive tool have been used throughout history
Spreading a green message Michael C. Bondi and Luisa Santamaria Christmas tree growers work with extension to promote real Christmas trees in major consumer markets
Going back to school Jeff Stone Director's Desk
August 2012
Pieces of the puzzle By Curt Kipp Patterson Nursery Sales builds nursery orders using the best material from a variety of Oregon growers
Oregon's best sellers Elizabeth Petersen The State of Perfection ships a broad variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and other plant material all over the country
An express route to perfection Ryan Contreras and Tim Rinehart Ornamental plant breeders have the tools at their disposal to expedite breeding for specific traits
A safe substrate? Heather Stoven, Jim Owen and Luisa Santamaria Investigating the virulence of Verticillium in hammer-milled shade trees when used as an alternative substrate
Laying the groundwork for sustainability Jim Snyder Native Grounds Nursery pursues the new Sustainability Certification for Nursery and Greenhouse Production, developed by Food Alliance and OAN
A special place at the table Jeff Stone Director's Desk
July 2012 Slender trees for tight sites Elizabeth Petersen These columnar selections offer all the benefits of trees, along with a small footprint
Getting a handle on inventory Miles McCoy Nurseries can turn to software providers for customized solutions that fit their individual needs
Monitoring from a distance Tyler Hoskins, Jim Owen and Heather Stoven Using a remote moisture monitoring system to manage irrigation
A part of something bigger Jeff Stone Director's Desk
June 2012 Ferns forever Elizabeth Petersen Whether a dependable native workhorse or a dazzling specialty selection is called for, ferns fit the bill
Adding to growth Chal Landgren and Judy Kowalski Researchers test the efficacy of soil additives in promoting plant growth and reducing mortality
A sustainable dream Curt Kipp Sara Kral builds a native plant nursery that reflects her values
Investing in the forest and the trees Allison Hensey, Whitney Rideout and Stephanie Swanson Oregon nurseries make a strategic investment in the planet by adopting sustainable practices
Acres of change John Schmitz Some Oregon nurseries battling the recession have found that crop diversity is their friend
Learning to Lean together Jerry Simnitt President's Message
Controlling our own destiny Jeff Stone Director's Desk
May 2012 Protecting your discovery Curt Kipp The plant patent system gives breeders the tools to gain recognition and earn income from new introductions
Crazy about conifers Elizabeth Petersen It’s hard to beat the versatility and yearround interest dwarf selections offer
Getting ready for health care reform Randy Skinner and Kathy LeCompte Here's how businesses can prepare for the new requirements coming in 2014
Lessons learned from Phytophthora ramorum Melissa Lujan, Dr. Nancy Osterbauer and Jan Hedberg How a systems approach program can protect you
Jay Sanders Curt Kipp Meet the Leader
If you're not seen, you don't exist Jerry Simnitt President's Message
Calling Captain Obvious Jeff Stone Director's Desk
April 2012 Truly Connected Curt Kipp Greg and Tamara Clift enjoy growing their relationships with plants, customers and each other
Drawing on ingenuity Whitney Rideout Bizon Nursery creates an innovative, scalable water recapture and storage system
Back to begonias Elizabeth Petersen A new generation of interesting selections brings the plant back to prominence
Piped-in nutrition John Schmitz Greenhouse growers can use fertigation to apply water and fertilizers to their crops at the same time
The downside of combination fungicides Jay W. Pscheidt Pre-packaged fungicide mixes can elevate the risk of developing pathogens that are resistant to treatment
The hope of spring Jeff Stone Director's Desk
March 2012 The battle against blight Nancy K. Osterbauer Boxwood producers in Oregon are taking an aggressive stance against the pathogen
Trees for pots Marty Wingate These selections work well when planted in containers in the yard
Ready for transplant Curt Kipp Ill-prepared plants can expose the new owner to added expense, production delays and plant loss
The spread offense against weeds Ed Peachey These tools will help growers combat weed shifts and resistance to herbicides
Old map, new world Jeff Stone Director's Desk
February 2012 Cedars by any other name Elizabeth Petersen These selections may not share the same genus, but all have much to offer the gardener
An emphasis on Service Curt Kipp Marion Ag focuses on helping customers succeed
Green and growing Mike Lee By leading the way and reaching out to partners, a Newberg High School teacher brings his horticulture program to full blossom
Treating irrigation water Jennifer Parke and Paul Fisher These water treatment methods can be effective at eliminating damaging water molds in nurseries
January 2012 The State Of Perfection Curt Kipp Crispin's Creations Nursery, Robinson Nursery, Highland Heather, Youngblood Nursery
Finding the best value Ann Murphy Nursery buyers should consider the off-the truck cost of plant material, as well as the quality received
Celebrating Cotoneaster Joseph Rothleutner and Ryan Contreras Researchers evaluate selections from this sometimes underappreciated genus of landscape shrubs
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