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2011 Digger Archives
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Digger Archives

Digger Feature Archive

Below are feature articles from 2011 issues of Digger listed by month, title, author and subject. For articles from 2015 or later, please check

A complete collection of Digger issues dating back to 1956 is available in the library at the OAN offices in Wilsonville, Ore. Back issues of Digger may be requested from the OAN Publications Department (subject to availability.)

2011 Archives
Issue Title Author Summary
December 2011 Deep Roots Curt Kipp Anderson Die and Manufacturing has been making nursery pots for five decades, still with room to grow
Flax appeal Elizabeth Petersen These phormium selections offer interesting structure and dazzling colors
Lighting the way Miles McCoy Advances in greenhouse lighting technology allow growing plants to reach their fullest potential
Small and mite-y Betsey Miller, Robin Rosetta and Vaughn Walton OSU researchers investigate after a new microscopic pest causes damage to linden trees
November 2011 Rigorous roses Elizabeth Petersen These newer varieties meet consumer demand for better performance and higher resistance to diseases
Cropping out weeds Miles McCoy Tilling, mulches, cover crops and fabric barriers are among the non-chemical weed-control options available
Helping pests meet their match Joe DeFrancesco IR-4, a federal research program, runs trials so that effective tools can be used against emerging pests
October 2011 Destination: Success Curt Kipp Longtime OAN volunteer Dale Parra believes in building the industry through hard work and involvement
Something in the air Marty Wingate These hardy fragrant plant options deliver intoxicating aromas in unique ways
The wheel deal Miles McCoy New variations on an ancient technology help nursery workers move more things, more efficiently
Finding the answers Luisa Santamaria These diagnostic resources can help you identify a plant problem
September 2011 Small Worlds Elizabeth Petersen Garden railroads combine a passion for miniature plants with the intrigue of model trains
Taking the lead Whitney Rideout Krueger's Tree Farms partners with NRCS on irrigation efficiency, erosion control projects
Making every drop count Miles McCoy Growers seek more efficient ways to irrigate, whether by new technology or teaching old equipment new tricks
Phytophthora ramorum Niklaus Grünwald Plant pathologists track where it came from and how it has managed to spread
August 2011 Helping the bulb go on Marty Wingate With a nudge from retailers and others, gardeners can experience a whole new world of unique and wonderful bulbs
Staying in rotation Miles McCoy Annually shifting the location of production areas rebuilds the soil, while decreasing opportunities for pests and pathogens to establish themselves
No work, all reward Elizabeth Petersen These low-maintenance Nandina selections offer gorgeous color and year-round interest in a variety of shapes and sizes
The economy of water Ryan Contreras and Jim Owen Can plant physiology and breeding research work collectively to develop more water-efficient and drought tolerant plants that will benefit the green industry?
A new approach to pests Jennifer Parke Research into systems approaches is yielding new tools for healthy plant production
July 2011 Radical change Elizabeth Peters OAN's Lean program director gains 'Lean to the extreme' knowledge from a five-day Kaikaku process improvement event.
Beautiful and bulletproof Elizabeth Petersen These spirea selections combine striking good looks and an iron constitution.
Less labor, more automation Miles McCoy Specialized new trimming equipment allows growers to cut back on labor.
Understanding container moisture Jim Owen, Heather Stoven and Daniel Bailey Researchers are developing monitoring systems that can prevent overwatering and underwatering.
June 2011 The future looks greener Whitney Rideout The OAN Sustainability Initiative matches membres with the resources and information they need to succeed.
The legacy of growth Curt Kipp Jon Bartch, owner of Carlton Plants, follows in his grandfather's footsteps of growing plants as well as people.
A new course for the American lawn Elizabeth Petersen These alternatives provide a meadow look and lower maintenance costs.
Small investment, big payoff Whitney Rideout Lighting retrofits are among the easiest sustainability projects with a quick return.
This little movement went to market Mark Fordice An OAN market study evaluates whether sustainability truly has traction with customers.
A challenge for the new millennium John Lambrinos Reuniting horticulture and ecological restoration
May 2011 The Silent Salesman Curt Kipp With 2D barcode integration and other emerging features, plant tags and labels are doing more than ever before
Making a Splash Marty Wingate For homeowners with a passion for plants and wildlife, water gardens are a natural outlet
Finding the Next Big Thing Elizabeth Petersen How plant breeders discover new selections and guide the best through to the marketplace
April 2011 For the love of hostas Elizabeth Petersen These shade-loving perennials offer foliage, endless variety and easy care
A focus on customers Curt Kipp Over five-plus decades, OBC Northwest has grown from a burlap bag maker to an all-around nursery supplier
Not your father's greenhouse Chris Guntermann Advanced controls can improve the growing climate in your greenhouses, while reducing operating costs
Slime and punishment Robin Rosetta Voracious slugs and snails are no match for an integrated battle plan
March 2011 The many faces of mahonia Elizabeth Petersen The full spectrum of available cultivars includes often-seen native staples as well as exotic collectibles
A tale of three nurseries Dan Hilburn Best management practices can help nurseries avoid problems
Bred for success Ryan Contreras Breeding the next generation of ornamental plants for Oregon and beyond
February 2011 Artfully contained Marty Wingate How retailers and their customers can use thrillers, fillers and spillers to build attractive container gardens to beautify a condo or apartment
Finding her niche Curt Kipp Here's the story of Lucile Whitman of Whitman Farms, who grows unusual trees in an unusual way
Watering for retailers Elizabeth Petersen How to overcome the challenges of irrigating plants in a garden center and keeping them healthy and beautiful
Protecting container-grown plants Jennifer L. Parke & Carrie Lewis With proper care and handling of containers and media, growers can reduce threats from pests, diseases and weeds
January 2011 Touring the State of Perfection Curt Kipp Third annual tour of Oregon: The State of Perfection. We’ll visit five Oregon growers that exhibit the foresight, know-how, rapport and longevity needed to take advantage of Oregon's peerless growing climate, and to create value for their customers.
Feeding the trees Jim Owen & Heather Stoven Researchers look at the fertilizer needs of bare-root shade, flowering and fruit trees grown in the northern Willamette Valley.
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