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2009 Digger Archives
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Digger Archives

Digger Feature Archive

Below are feature articles from 2009 issues of Digger listed by month, title, author and subject. For articles from 2015 or later, please check

A complete collection of Digger issues dating back to 1956 is available in the library at the OAN offices in Wilsonville, Ore. Back issues of Digger may be requested from the OAN Publications Department (subject to availability.)

2009 Archives
Issue Title Author Summary
December 2009 Temperate tropicals Elizabeth Petersen Consumer interest in a backyard oasis is driving demand for tropical plants, as well as hardy plants with a tropical look.
Toward a greener greenhouse Miles McCoy These new technologies can reduce energy use, sparing both your pocketbook and the environment.
The man with the plan Curt Kipp  Rod Park thinks about the long term, both as a businessman and a public official.
November 2009 Reaching for the sky Elizabeth Petersen Today's customers love climbing plants and vines for their beauty, utility and easy care.
Spots, rots, rusts and cankers Melodie Putnam Here's how to identify the telltale signs of various plant diseases.
A drop saved, a penny earned Stephanie Page With the right irrigation system, you can save water, labor, energy and time.
The Cutting Edge Miles McCoy These equipment offerings from Europe can make nursery tasks easier, safer, less costly and more efficient.
October 2009 The different shades of shade Elizabeth Petersen Solar exposure is a matter of degree, and here are plants that can tolerate a variety of conditions.
Functional flora in the field Renee Stoops If you're looking for plants to accomplish a purpose, here are the questions to ask.
Grown for the city Paul D. Ries Arborists offer thoughts on producing trees that will perform best in the urban environment.
September 2009 Versatile, vibrant viburnums Lisa Albert With dozens of cultivars on the market, there's a viburnum for every situation
Lean and green Elizabeth Peters Nurseries can run more efficiently by focusing on value provided to the customer
Urban forest options Paul D. Ries Municipal arborists would like nurseries to provide a diverse plant palette
August 2009 Yesterday once more Lisa Albert Old-fashioned perennials fit in equally well with today's consumer emphasis on sustainability and victory gardens
Growing forward Gary Grueber How growers and the horticultural industry can respond to dramatic societal and climate changes and be ready for the future
Improving on perfection Elizabeth Petersen Hydrangeas are considered the 'perfect shrub,' but perfection can be improved, as these new cultivars demonstrate
July 2009 Reducing market risk Kevin Klupengerupenger Diverse products, production methods, customers and markets will help you navigate stormy seas more soundly
A tree for all occasions Elizabeth Petersen Japanese maples are grown in so many shapes, sizes and colors, they'll fit in almost anywhere
Well-grounded containers Miles McCoy Although conversions to pot-in-pot systems have slowed, adherents are sold on their benefits
June 2009 Lush exteriors Miles McCoy Living walls have aesthetic and environmental benefits, and can be used inside buildings, as well
It's only natural Lisa Albert The market for native plants strengthens, thanks to restoration projects and increased demand
Their lasting heritage Curt Kipp For Mark and Jolly Krautmann, a passion for plants and people leads to success and happiness
May 2009 Fruit takes root Elizabeth Petersen Consumers hunger for fruit trees, whether the fruit is time-tested or exotic
April 2009 How does your greenhouse grow? Kevin Klupenger If you're going to add greenhouses to your operation, there are many decisions to make
A hunger for beautiful edibles Elizabeth Petersen Consumers are eager to grow their own food, particularly if it has ornamental value as well
Brighter Days Lisa Albert Given the gloomy economy, customers are demanding plant containers and blooms that bring color to their lives
March 2009 Right location...perfect tree Elizabeth Petersen Growers develop trees that perform well in difficult locations and situations
The root of the problem Neil Bell, James Young and Melodie Putnam By asking basic questions, you can help your customers determine whether a problem is caused by a pest, site conditions, or something else
February 2009 A bite-sized buffet of beauty Lisa Albert Beautiful small shrub options include Weigelas, Hydrangeas, barberries, Roses, Euonymous and more
Consumers turn to what's green Elizabeth Petersen Sustainable living, staying at home and growing your own food are among the hot trends for 2009
Hotter than ever Chris Guntermann Steam cleaning may be the best way to prevent disease transmiss ion in used pots, flats and containers
January 2009 Delightful on Arrival Elizabeth Petersen Growers, transporters and retailers must work together so plants hit retail shelves safely and in pristine condition
Touring the state of perfection Curt Kipp It's not just the plants, it's the people, as our road trip through Oregon nursery country reveals
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