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Transportation: OAN's Partial Load Forum

Nursery Trucks

Because shipping plants to customers across North America is so vital, the OAN has developed the Partial Load Forum on Nurseries with smaller loads can use this forum to find other nurseries with loads going to the same place. By grouping their loads together on the same truck, they can dramatically reduce shipping costs for their customers around the nation.

Only OAN member nurseries and brokers can post and view partial loads on the online Nursery Guide Partial Load forum. [Note: The Partial Load forum replaces]

Posting loads is easy. Log on at using your company's user name and password. Under the Forums tab (at the top of every page), select the Partial Loads - Members Only forum. Select the New Topic tab and in the subject box, include the City, State and Ship dates. In the body, include the following information: Zip code, City, State, Footage, Timing of the load, Palletized or Floorstacked, Container, B&B, etc.; Contact information: Name, Nursery, Email and/or Phone. Scroll down and select Save.