Systems Approach - Safe Procurement and Production Manual
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Safe Procurement and Production Manual

Safe Procurement and Production Manual

Manual outlines pest and pathogen prevention methods

The Oregon Association of Nurseries has published the "Safe Procurement and Production Manual," a 106-page guide to producing healthy nursery stock by using a systems approach. A new revised version is available online now as a PDF download, at no cost. A print version is available from the OAN office, 503-682-5089 or 888-283-7219.

When it comes to preventing the introduction and spread of plant pests and pathogens, a proactive approach that intelligently targets areas of highest risk is better than reacting to things as they happen. This easy-to-follow book helps growers evaluate their own nursery operations. It contains best practices that are proven to be effective at reducing risks from plant pests and pathogens. Different chapters of the book address the various components of plant production, from propagation to final shipment.

» Download the Safe Procurement and Production Manual(PDF).
» Download treatment options for waterborne pathogens in nursery and greenhouse irrigation systems here

» Download the The Case for the Systems Approach May 2008 (PDF)

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