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Advocacy Government & Media Relations

OAN Government Relations Program

Advocacy, like business, is personal and is strategic. By building bipartisan relationships in the state capitol and in Washington, D.C., the OAN sets the stage for its members to impact public policy and perception in the press.

  • Promote a positive business climate: growing, shipping and selling product needs to have positive business climate to compete on a state, national and international level
  • Protection from burdensome laws: regulation, taxation and bad laws can all hurt a nursery and greenhouse operation quickly. OAN serves as a sentry against burdensome laws that impact you and your operation.
  • Results over partisanship: OAN members have a variety of political opinions and the Government Relations Committee is a place where policies are discussed and solutions are created. OAN is an effective advocate and gets legislation passed on your behalf.
  • Issue oriented: The advocacy effort by the association focuses on hitting issues that affect your pocketbook: labor, water, environmental regulations, health care and pest and disease protection are a small segment of the issues the association and its members discuss.
  • Access to political leaders: The OAN attracts key political decision makers at the Government Relations Committee meetings. Face to face conversations help promote the nursery agenda.
  • OAN is your political voice: Members set the policy direction and the association talks to elected officials, agencies at the federal and state level and shapes issues with the press.
  • Updates that you can use: OAN provides regular updates on what is happening at all levels of government.

OAN has delivered for you

A strong membership makes a strong association. Your voice and moderate political approach has delivered on legislation that directly impacts the nursery and greenhouse industry.

  • Significant funding for pest and disease programs and research at the national level
  • Coalition effort to craft comprehensive immigration reform
  • Marketing and stewardship value through the funding and selection of projects under the Specialty Crop Grant program.
  • Trade: Reversal of onerous prenotification regulations against Oregon nursery growers
  • Creation and passage of the landmark natural resource credit to pass operation from one generation to the next (State of Oregon estate tax reform)
  • Creation of urban-rural reserves land use law in Oregon
  • Creation and passage of the state's first water supply fund
  • Crafting and shaping the Agriculture Water Quality regulations
  • Passage of the bi-partisan driver's card legislation by the state legislature

Without members, the association cannot pass positive bills or defeat bad legislation. A collective voice keeps the industry strong.