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Advocacy: We Are Stronger Together

Nurseries and greenhouses are the number one segment in Oregon agriculture, producing an estimated $947 million worth of products annually (2017, Oregon Department of Agriculture). About 75 percent of those products are shipped out of state, bringing traded sector dollars back to Oregon. (Details here.) And as research demonstrates, those products have enormous personal and societal benefits. They improve the environment, provide ecosystem services, raise property values, reduce heating and cooling costs, improve people's health and well-being, and much more.


We are advocates for the nursery industry. To us, that means a number of things:

  1. We are united. Our members come from a variety of political backgrounds and beliefs. What brings us together is the desire to work for what is best for the nursery industry and the natural resources we depend upon. That's why we work across party lines both within and outside our organization in order to achieve our goals.
  2. We are issue and solution oriented. We want to be for something, not just against. That means taking ownership of issues affecting our industry and finding answers that will work for all.
  3. We are strategic. Whether addressing immediate threats or long-term issues, our strong Government Relations team is prepared to analyze the field of play, deploy the appropriate resources and advance the industry.
  4. We are creative. We build coalitions that bring together interested parties in surprising ways. There's no telling what one can achieve with an open mind and a listening ear.
  5. We are far reaching. We work at the state and federal levels to monitor and address issues affecting our industry. We also look years forward, anticipating future needs.

We need your support. Elected officials hear it best when they hear it from you, the nursery or greenhouse owner or manager, or industry supplier. We hope you will join the Oregon Association of Nurseries and get involved in our member-driven advocacy efforts.


Federal agenda

 State agenda 

Our team.

Jeff Stone
OAN Executive Director
Oregon Association of Nurseries
503-682-5089 | email

Jim Simnitt
OAN President
Simnitt Nursery
503-266-9640 | email

Kyle Fessler
OAN Chair of Government Relations
St. Christopher Nursery LLC
503-580-4470 | email

Wes Bailey
OAN Vice Chair of Government Relations
Smith Gardens Inc.
503-678-5373 | email

Chris Lee
Research Committee Chair
Eshraghi Nursery
503-628-8685 | email

Tom Brewer
HC Companies Inc., ProCal
503-668-8448 | email

Elizabeth Remley
Thorn Run Partners Inc.
503-841-3862 | email

Steve Shropshire
Jordan Ramis P.C.
503-598-5583 | email

Our issues


A skilled workforce is the lifeblood of our businesses. OAN works at the state and federal levels to ensure an adequate legal and willing workforce for nurseries so they can produce sufficient product quantities and grow in accordance with what the market demands. We also support education efforts to provide the future skilled workers and leaders essential to the nursery industry and its growth.


Plants need water to grow. OAN supports sound state and federal water supply policy to allow for sensible protection, development and access, both now and long term.

Pests and Diseases

The health of our plants is the health of our businesses. OAN supports research to control pests and diseases. This means critical stage inspections to detect and destroy infested material, while protecting and ensuring continued market access for responsible growers.


We are business people. OAN engages state and federal decision makers on issues affecting employers and the business community, including proposed or needed legislation, to minimize regulatory expense and allow for profitability.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Selling plants means moving them. Plants move from propagator to grower, from grower to retailer, and from retailer to their forever homes. OAN encourages development of state and federal transportation systems by land, sea and rail to facilitate efficient product movement to local, national and global markets.