About OAN - Committees
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Don't just follow — lead!

Get more from your OAN membership by giving more to the industry.

By participating in a committee or affiliate, you have the power to directly influence programs we provide to the membership. Do you have a good idea of what works and what is needed for member services? Get involved with the Products and Services Committee. Are there educational programs you would like to see changed? Join the Education Committee. Want to affect government legislation? Government Relations may be for you. Do you want to get in on the ground floor with Farwest? Look into the Farwest Show Committee.

Involved members get more out of their OAN membership. We would like to know if you are interested in getting involved and where your attention lies. Please take a moment to look over the descriptions on the back of this form to see which areas of service fit best with your expertise. Or, if you know someone that would represent your company well — a potential leader you would like to develop — please pass this form to them and encourage their participation. Members are often chosen by their experience on the topic and availability for meetings.

Help develop Oregon's nursery industry – join an OAN committee or affiliate. Your volunteer leadership is what makes us strong.

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Convention co-chairs assist with the planning of the annual OAN Convention, which traditionally takes place in the fall.  Staff Liaison: Allan Niemi


The Education Committee identifies and promotes educational opportunities that benefit OAN members and their work force. It provides topic guidance for OAN educational programming at the Farwest Show, Northwest Ag Show and other venues. The committee also discusses materials, tools and resources for promoting careers in horticulture, and administers and oversees revisions for the Oregon Nursery Professional certification program. The committee meets at the call of the chair.  Staff Liaison: Zen Landis


The Farwest Show Committee works on planning, producing and marketing the annual trade show that occurs in August. This volunteer committee helps coordinate member business tours, relevant and important seminar opportunities, and business-to-business sales. The committee typically meets on the third Wednesday of each month from spring through summer.  Staff Liaison: Allan Niemi


The Government Relations Committee reviews legislative matters pertaining to the nursery, greenhouse and landscape industry. It develops and recommends legislative policies and positions to the OAN Executive Committee. The committee meets 8–10 times a year and has oversight over the Research Subcommittee. It also works closely with the Oregon Nurseries Political Action Committee (ONPAC).  Staff Liaison: Jeff Stone


The Membership Committee promotes, recruits and engages the association membership through direct contact with current or potential members and re-establishment of community value for the industry. The committee also has oversight over the annual convention and awards. The Membership Committee meets at the call of the chair.  Staff Liaison: Jeff Stone


The Products and Services Committee is responsible for making recommendations on the development of products, services and affiliations to assist the membership's profitability through group buying or affiliated preferential agreements with third parties. It oversees the creation of a marketing plan for the products and services to the general membership. The former responsibilities of the safety, insurance and marketing committees are folded into the Products and Services portfolio. The committee meets at the call of the chair.  Staff Liaison: Stephanie Weihrauch


The Research Committee is a subcommittee of the Government Relations Committee. Identifies, prioritizes and communicates the research needs of the nursery industry and develops funding methods for worthy projects. It meets to review research proposals and make recommendations on which should receive funding through the state and/or federal government.  Staff Liaison: Beth Farmer


Affiliates are independent of the OAN, and operate under their own sets of bylaws which are on file at the OAN office.


The OAN has established the Oregon Nurseries Foundation (ONF) to manage funds contributed by OAN members for the purpose of awarding scholarships to deserving students preparing for a career in ornamental horticulture and related fields. For more information about the scope of the awards and for an application form, visit www.oan.org/scholarships.  Staff Liaison: Stephanie Weihrauch


The Oregon Nurseries' Political Action Committee (ONPAC) is the political action arm of the Oregon nursery and greenhouse industry. It has the responsibility of raising and distributing funds to assist in the election and support of legislative candidates supportive of issues of importance to nursery/greenhouse industry members. The committee works closely with the OAN Government Relations Committee in reviewing these political and legislative issues. Each election season, ONPAC interviews many candidates for the Oregon Legislature and issues endorsements based on the candidates' positions, record and overall understanding of nursery and business issues.  Staff Liaison: Jeff Stone