Legislative Priorities
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OAN Legislative Priorities
At a Glance

Labor and Immigration

  • Immigration Reform — Worker visa system, adjustment of status to be authorized to work, employer accountability
  • H2b Visa changes — returning worker exemption, flexible cap
  • Federal overtime rule — transition time with staged increases

Taxes and Budget

  • USDA budget — program support for pest and disease program and market access to international markets
  • Inheritance Tax — No tax on natural resource properties being passed from generation to generation
  • Cash accounting — retain flexibility for farmers to use the cash method of accounting


  • EPA Waters of the United States Rule — repeal this overreaching regulation
  • EPA pollinator protection — science-based policy, increased research, enable national campaigns
  • EPA Worker Protection Standard — delay implementation by 12 months

Transportation, Infrastructure and Environment

  • Transportation infrastructure — include the use of plant material as an environmental offset on road and bridge projects
  • Port of Portland — replacement the cargo capacity lost due to terminal shutdown
  • Smart Sprayer project — Fund the third phase of this research project to conserve inputs, reduce costs and protect the environment

U.S. Farm Bill

  • Title 2: Conservation — convert this title to bring water quality and quantity investment to Oregon
  • Title 3: Trade — market access and protection from pest and disease
  • Title 7: Research — greater flexibility to achieve multi-sourced research projects
  • Title 10: Horticulture — specialty crop block grants, pest and disease program funding
  • Title 11: Crop Insurance — fix the disaster definition to include specialty crops