OAN Insurance Programs
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OAN Insurance Programs

The OAN is pleased to partner with Leonard Adams Insurance. Their agents are responsible for overseeing the medical, dental and voluntary insurance offerings available to members. The OAN Insurance Committee oversees the association's group health insurance activities and strives to obtain affordable group health insurance for all OAN members. All regular and associate members may be eligible.

Important contact information:
800#: 866-907-1850
Local Portland: 503-296-0077
Fax: 503-296-0044

Randy Skinner, Agent at randys@lacoinsurance.com
Kristi Charlton, Sr. Account Manager at kristic@lacoinsurance.com

Health Insurance:

The OAN health insurance program is available to all Regular and Associate Members. The OAN benefit offerings include co-pay and HSA plans. Provider networks are local, regional and nationwide.

Dental Insurance:

The OAN Dental Program offerings include a traditional co-insurance program with a large provider network. A second option provides a co-pay plan option.

Property and casualty insurance

Leonard Adams Insurance has been chosen as the OAN's officially endorsed provider of property and casualty insurance. This program offers additional value for members.