Why Join the OAN
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Why Join the OAN

Whether you run a nursery, or a business connected to the nursery industry, you already know about the many challenges nurseries must face. Finding customers is one. Securing a willing and able labor source is another. Then there's the challenge of finding an adequate water supply and preserving water quality. And finally, there's the need to accomplish all of this in an efficient way, so your efforts are rewarded and you can turn a profit.

What is your biggest challenge? Regardless of what it is, the Oregon Association of Nurseries is ready to go to bat for you. The OAN works for the entire Oregon nursery industry, making the state a better place to do business. You probably already benefit from things the OAN is doing. But can you imagine what would happen if the OAN wasn't around? The more members we have, the more power and resources we have to solve problems and protect the nursery industry.

It's not just about the big picture, however. It's about your picture. We came up with a list of 14 exclusive benefits that come only with membership. These are just for starters. OAN members save money, reach target audiences more easily, enjoy exclusive access to educational resources, and get to participate in OAN's highly respected advocacy efforts at the state and national levels. Here are some highlights:

  • The OAN Government Relations team advances the industry, and heads off potential threats before they become big problems. Hiring a lobbyist or attorney to go to bat for you on a single issue can easily cost thousands of dollars, whether it's labor, water rights, pesticide regulations or something else. But by being a member, costs are shared. You get the benefit of our top-notch team on a wide spectrum of issues for just pennies per hour.
  • The revitalized Farwest Show is the biggest green industry trade show in the West. Industry decision makers come to Farwest so they can learn new things and make in-person connections, face to face. You can't do that online! Of those who attended this year, 84%would recommend the show to others, and 51% said they placed orders either at Farwest or afterwards. Your membership lets you save $330 on each 10x10 space.
  • The online and print Nursery Guide gives you a robust profile for your business, unlike any other plant search site out there. You can post photos, availabilities and an in-depth description, and update them anytime. The site will attract 680,000 page views this year and is a great way to bring in new customers who are looking for what you offer. Your free profile comes with membership, and your first plant or product/service listing is also free.
  • OAN-endorsed Health Coverage through Leonard Adams Insurance. They provide plans and the creativity to find what works best for you and your employees. Vision benefits are available, as are multiple dental plans. 

How to Join

It's easy to join the OAN. You can join online or you can complete and return this membership form. We are happy to fax or mail a membership application to you. Simply call the OAN office at 503-682-5089 or 888-283-7219.

Let's work together to strengthen and encourage the growth of Oregon's incredible green industry. With your vote of support, we can do so much more. Please support our efforts — we'd love to have you on board!

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